No Christians around? Good. I HATE CONTEMPORARY WORSHIP SONGS!!!

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12 hours ago, PurpleLilac said:

Anyway, I remember one night we visited a Pentecostal church to hear a speaker from the Answers in Genesis people 🙄 and the worship leader was singing the same line over and over,with intensity. The music swelled,the crowd stirred and I remember thinking, “Oh. I remember this.” I had to get away from it for a few years to realize how emotionally manipulative it was. 


Interestingly, I was always aware of the emotional manipulation. But then, ever since I started learning about communication, I learned that all communication is manipulation. So working on the tech side of the service, I knew when the key changes were coming or when bridge was about to pop in to change the active or tempo. We knew what chords evoked what emotions and what songs to play when. It was all mapped out ahead of time. Start with something high tempo and upbeat to get the congregation engaged for a couple songs, then key it down a tad for the next song to evoke solemness, then a much older and more "ancient" sounding song to get people into the ritual of communion etc. etc. If you came to me for the song list, I could show you what emotions you'd be feeling and when. Even if you actively resisted those emotions you'll still feel something (usually annoyance or anger at being actively manipulated). But especially in video editing, choice of the right song and the timing of it is beyond critical. 


I was once making a video for veteran's day for my church and it was my mother's idea to highlight all the service members in our church. So I decided to do it in order of all our wars from inception to present. My mother gathered everyone's military service pictures and I started it making it. Basically, I either had a background that clearly defined the era or a video background. By the way, it is very hard to find WWI and WWII camera footage of boring recon missions and non-combat situations. I chose "Freedom" by Micheal W. Smith (good song, btw) and when it got to my uncle's era of service I remembered him talking about his service aboard the USS Forrestal when they landed a C-130 on the flight-deck (first and last time it's even been done) so I found footage of that to use as the background while his service picture and other's of that era showed up in the foreground. But in a glorious coincidence of how the video lined up in the timeline, as the song "Freedom" was starting to do a building crescendo, the C-130 was coming in for a landing on the Forrestal's flight-deck and I gasped as the timeline was playing saying out loud, " it...? ...IS IT?!" And in the instant of the crescendo's climax, the C-130's wheels touched down and I was in tears of joy screaming loud enough for the neighbors to hear because it was beautiful beyond words! The video matched the music. 😂 My uncle who remembers that event asked me for a dozen copies after the fact to send it his Forrestal buddies the video left such an impact on him. 



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