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Who do Christians REALLY depend on to decide what to believe? I don't think it's Jesus.


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I've lived in the Bible Belt (Alabama, USA) most of my 6+ decades of life. Most folks down here are Christians, and so Christianity, church, etc, comes up frequently in conversation, at work, etc. I'm continually amazed at how little Christians know about their own beliefs. Their own knowledge of the Bible, Christian history, major Christian theologians, etc is abysmal to nonexistent, and this doesn't even bother them. 


So how do these Christians decide which "absolute truths" they are supposed to believe? I don't think it's Jesus or the Bible. I've created a YouTube video about where most Christians get their beliefs, and why Christian leaders - preachers, priests, ministers, etc - foster and encourage this willful ignorance. 


I hope you enjoy it:



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Christian indoctrination begins in early childhood, or whenever the gospel is presented to someone, and it never stops.One of the purposes of indoctrination is to prevent the indoctrinated believer from asking questions, or worse yet for proof that the Bible  is actually true.


True faith precludes the need for evidence, in fact asking for evidence is believed to be a sin. The creators of Christianity did an amazing job of covering all their bases. 

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In my opinion, people will almost always chose to believe that which feels good to them.

(hardly a radical revelation, I realize..)


I have observed through the years that human beings have a near infinite capacity to lie to themselves. The motivations and reasons for those lies are as varied as humans themselves. But the desire to have "a daddy", someone else to make the tough choices for them, seems to be almost universal among humans.

I think probably we all suffer from it to whatever degree.




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