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Thank You Listeners!!!


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We are SO excited that you are tuning in to the podcast!  

In this six minute episode we wanted to share a handful of the comments we have received from you, the listeners.  Mostly, we want to tell you how much we appreciate you. Every download, share, like, tweet, etc...they matter and we are grateful.

We are interested in providing a variety of unique guest interviews from diverse perspectives. If you want to share your deconversion story, contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

Email: steve@vodpodcast.com 

Twitter: @vodpodcast Public Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/vodpodcast/  Secret Facebook Page: Contact me if interested, we screen those who join to ensure it's a safe group for atheists and agnostics to support one another, vent, post humorous memes or news relevant to the atheist/agnostic community.

Finally, because I am a lover of geography and I didn't want to bore you during the episode, here is a list of all the places we have received downloads of the podcast. I think this is SO cool!

U.S. - Every state but 8 (not gonna name names or anything, but HI, ND, SD, OK, WI, DE, NJ and RI...where you at?!?)

Canada - From B.C. to Nova Scotia! Excited to see our neighbors to the north coming back each week!

Australia - Western, South, New South Wales and Queensland you rock! It makes us happy to have you as regular listeners, thank you!

U.K. -  Southern and central regions mostly, lots in Hillingdon and Surrey! We're glad to have so many listeners there!

France - You joined us recently, but already 5th most downloads! Tres Bon! Ireland - Literally the first place anywhere to download the podcast. Thank you for    that...and Guiness.

Sweden - Representing Scandinavia well! (You're whooping neighbor Norway in downloads, so you're our favorite up there).

Vietnam - You were downloading for a while....you still out there Vietnam? You were our first downloads in Asia...come back!

Japan - Newest country of the bunch, but on pace to be downloading France-style. Keep on listening...we're excited to have you!

Costa Rica - Representing Central America! Joined us recently and we're glad you did. Thank you Costa Rica! 

Honorable Mentions:

New Zealand, Korea, Nigeria, Spain, Mexico and Zimbabwe. We're excited you're listening. Glad you keep coming back!

One-night stands, but we're hoping it was more than that:

Ukraine, Colombia, South Africa, Poland, Norway, Greece, India, Germany and Singapore.



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