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Goodbye Jesus

060 Catholic Raised. Selective Mutism Prepares Her to be a Nun. Mom Gets Cancer. Grieving without God's Help


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I was so impressed with Misty's kindness, strength and perspective.

At 4 years old Misty gets a virus, which leads to a social anxiety disorder called Selective Mutism. This prevents Misty from being able to speak. She is only able to speak with her parents and brother, but not her older sisters. Misty copes with this through most of childhood. She spent many days playing by herself and being, as she put it "in her head".

As early as 11 years old she notices depression. By her senior year in high school, it gets worse. Exposure to an atheist cousin has an impact, but she feels a calling to be a nun.

Her years experiencing selective mutism pave the way to her calling as a cloistered nun, taking a vow of silence. Misty's mom thinks she should be a writer (spoiler alert: she is now a reporter for two newspapers....and she loves it!).

Tragically, her mother is later diagnosed with cancer and not long after passes away. Misty wonders if God wanted her mother to die, since her mother didn't think Misty should be a nun.

Misty learns to grieve without God's help. She grows closer to her father. Her religious and political views change...and it turns out catholic boys aren't necessarily the best boys to date. 

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Goodbye Jesus
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