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Cold Reading


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I am Johnny Wishbone

Psychic extraordinaire

And I’m going to give you a reading

It’ll only cost you 45 dollars

Don’t worry I’m a professional

Okay now

The spirit’s are telling me

That a relationship you had ended

With someone who had dark hair

Because one of you cheated

You both tried to remain friends

But you’d always end up fighting

The spirit’s are telling me

That sometimes you feel lonely

Even when you’re with other people

That no one really understands you

And you find it hard fitting in

But you are kind person

And you have a big heart

The spirit’s are telling me

You had a fairly difficult childhood

And sometimes you were picked on

Or you felt you were picked on

You never really understood your parents

Because they were always busy

But they did love you

The spirit’s are telling me that

Well, that’s all I can see for now

Please come back soon

So I can tell you more about

What’s relevant for most people.

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