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Goodbye Jesus

How can God be able to bear seeing us sin in our lives and see us keep repenting?


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Isnt he holy and not being able to bear even make humans that will sin? Shouldnt he be so so holy that even if he tried to make a lucifer that will sin in the future despite lucifer is sin free but made the choice to rebel? Why would the holy spirit lives inside of christians despite that they will still sin in the future??How can the holy spirit even be in a christian that is sinful but he seperated himself from adam and eve in genesis because he cant bear sinful humans in genesis?

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Because it's all made up.


There is no spirit, holy or otherwise, in people.


Ages ago, our genetic ancestors started eating plants that had psychotropic effects, thus changing their brain chemistry and creating within us the capacity for abstraction and imagination.


Ever since, mankind has done amazingly creative things with imagination, and has also been fooled into believing that there "must be" forces beyond us that make everything possible.


It's ironic, but on the journey to expanded consciousness, we sidetracked and started believing there's something greater than that consciousness.

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God is great. God has time to find lost keys, good parking places, and just the right dress for an upcoming party...and it’s on sale. God can’t be bothered with famine, human suffering, revealing the cure for cancer, and doesn’t have the time to stop mass shootings.

Gods priorities seem a little puzzling to us mere humans. 

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