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Goodbye Jesus

Bonus Episode: Exploring The Family & Dominion Theology (Part 1)


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According to Jeff Sharlet’s 2008  book The Family: the Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of America’s Power, as well as the recent Netflix documentary series entitled The Family, there is a secretive organization at the heart of not just American political power, but one that has a global reach too: The Family, or The Fellowship (as they refer to themselves).

Begun in 1935 by one Dr Abraham Vereide in Seattle, Washington, the organization has grown in both scope and scale since then. The only public event The Family hosts is the National Prayer Breakfast, held in Washington DC every February, an event that every single President since Eisenhower has attended.

But what is The Family all about? And more importantly, are there links to what is referred to as “dominion theology?” In this special  bonus episode, I’ll explore both the history of The Family as well as begin to unpack what dominion theology is all about.

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