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Goodbye Jesus

Conflating social change with literal martyrdom


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The fear expressed in this blurb was so extreme that I wanted to post it in the News section, but that seems to have disappeared or been moved somewhere I wasn't able to locate.

"Christians will face literal extermination at the hands of Democrats if Republicans lose power"




I doubt that most believers have anywhere near this kind of fear. But I'm sure that there are a lot that are convinced there is a literal spiritual war happening, and some almost seem eager for The End, but not so eager to "count it all joy" for the martyrdom they were promised by Jesus. I haven't encountered anything this "out there" for a while, but I've been out of contact with most of the berzerker believers I knew 12 years ago. 


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Very interesting. As you know, in the past few years I've become politically and socially very conservative, and I defintely align with the conservative movement at a social level.Pretty much everyone I know is an atheist, a secular Jew, or very weakly Christian. I know that Christians of the sort described here do exist; I just don't encounter them very often. In fact I'm very open about being an anti-Christian and a Hindu-American nationalist, but no one seems to care since we all support Donald Trump and hate (illegal) immigrants.


Still, always good to learn about alternative perspectives.

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