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Visions as normal mind creation like language


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Was reading somethings about spiritual experiences with visions, figures etc and was pondering . Is it just like when people think with words , as in concepts and sounds , it is just thinking with images? And in severe trauma cases it might seem like it is not yours? I am not even eliminating the possibility of supernatural here but saying there might also this. Like dreams. It is the mind working, possibly in another state. It has been shown that dreams are not meaningless gibberish , most of them have meaning.and sleep is not passivity. So it would not be freak occurences, just normal workings of the mind. Nobody freaks out while hearing language thoughts. Why should we freak out in seeing visual thoughts? Like some people say I dreamt I was sick or getting healthy and I was. So what? It might be just the visual representation of a biological fact that the mind creates. I think we tend to devalue our mind/body in thinking this is just pure bogus. In therapy these kind of states are often used in healing traumas. This ability. 

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I've not had a vision, so can't comment from personal experience. The mind does do some very fascinating things "below the surface" in dreams, processing information, and for many of us who were believers for years, pretending to be the voice of God. I would have arguments with it and it would take up the scriptural stance (the one I had of course). I also had the odd experiences of hearing audible replies very occasionally. I guess that and the physical sensations would be the closest thing to visions I had. Now that I'm on the outside and have facts that discount the scriptures and their god, I have to conclude it was my own mind trying to protect me from violating something that could send me to damnation. 


I am certain that the mind can make leaps of conclusion that surprise us, based on minutia of details it noticed about things. I've had dreams about computer PLC systems that I was troubleshooting, and found the answer in a dream, and it was accurate in reality. German scientist August Kekulé had been working on the molecule arrangement for benzene and had a dream of them dancing in a circle, and this was an accurate representation of the molecule. My mind once created a detailed creative dream where I had to confront fears of the devil, because I'd been out of Christianity for years and it was processing how I wanted to proceed. I posted that dream elsewhere on the forums. 



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9 hours ago, Myrkhoos said:

And in severe trauma cases it might seem like it is not yours?


The word for that is “ego-alien,” hearing voices or seeing things that do not seem like your own thoughts.  It is one way to distinguish the hallucinations of someone with schizophrenia, for example, from just a vivid imagination.  Brain scans of people hallucinating voices actually show activity in the auditory areas; it is like brain activity got rerouted from “thoughts” to “sensory input.”  When people say they saw a vision or heard a voice, it may well be that they did, but there are all kinds of explanations for it.  Some people think that St. Teresa of Avila had temporal lobe seizures, which cause vivid hallucinations.  People seek visions by sitting in a sweat lodge, getting overheated and dehydrated to the point of delirium, possibly with pharmacologic help.  It takes all kinds . . . .

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