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Fifth Force of Nature

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1 hour ago, midniterider said:


From the article: 



More sightings of the fifth force could lead to scientists settling on a specific name for it, understanding its workings more deeply, and developing practical applications for how to harness its power. They're leading us closer to what's considered the Holy Grail in physics, which Albert Einstein had aimed at but never achieved. Physicists hope to create a "unified field theory," which would coherently explain all cosmic forces from the formation of galaxies down to the quirks of quarks. 


But the universe isn't giving up its secrets easily.


"There's no reason to stop at the fifth," Feng said. "There could be a sixth, seventh, and eighth force."

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On 11/22/2019 at 7:07 PM, midniterider said:


If the standard model of particle physics is wrong in some respects then this observation could have a completely different meaning. IMO there are a great many theoretical problems with the Standard Model of particle physics. Why their observations should be different than what would normally be predicted is noteworthy so that they might improve the theory to enable better predictions in the future. Whenever a theory is violated by observation, the best resort is to question the theory, not first consider adding an ad hoc hypothesis to it, especially a very big one like this proposal.


This seems to be a problem of science theory in general, but IMO especially a big problem with modern physics.

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