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This is impressive! (Exoplanets)

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Hello all.  :)


I've just spotted this and was thoroughly impressed by the work of this bright young lady.






What's especially remarkable about this is what happens when you put it into the historical perspective of exoplanet discovery.


Here is a chart showing that history..




Since Kunimoto already has four exoplanets to her name, she's now found a total of 21.  Which is pretty darn impressive when you consider that it took the very best telescopes and the very best astronomers of the nineties and the noughties about five years to equal that number.  



Thank you.






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Yeah, pretty impressive alright, so many accolades at such a young age. Michelle Kunimoto is presently a Master's candidate at the University of British Colombia at Vancouver, and part of the doctorate of Astronomy program. One or more professor is probably promoting her carrier availing her with all the observation and Research data and methods necessary using the Kepler space telescope data. It's a huge effort sifting through all that data requiring years of time to confirm so many planet's transit data She is a Canadian of Japanese ancestry.

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