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Back After Half a Lifetime


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My name is RJ. More than half of my lifetime ago, I found this site as a young teen. I was a 14 year old evangelical preacher's kid, and I found the debate forums to be incredible.
I realized how much I didn't know about science and the world by asking my dad to help my defeat towering pillars of reason, and finding that sometimes he couldn't.

I am now in my early 30s, a queer atheist, and I came by to see how things are here :) I've been hanging out in the facebook Exvangelical cluster for a bit, and I thought it might be time to revist my youth, haha! I created this account last time I looked y'all up as an adult, but I cannot remember when that was, or whether I introduced myself then. Maybe I'll use it a bit now, we'll see :)

SO - if any of y'all have been here for like... idk, 15+ years - thank you for debating little me! I needed it!
It's nice to see this place is still rolling, Colosseum and all :P


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