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Goodbye Jesus

Atheist Experience 24.31 2020-08-02 with Matt Dillahunty & Shannon Q


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In today’s episode of the Atheist Experience, Shannon Q is joined by our longtime friend and co-host, Matt Dillahunty. Welcome back to the co-host chair Matt, we’re glad you are here to join us! (Shannon is taking the reins this week!)
Let’s get to calls. Our first caller is Jenna from California. She’d like to discuss how her current boyfriend is freaking out about COVID and thinks they would be better off believing in his previous religion (JW) because we are clearly in the “end times.”
Next up, Ricky from Georgia says Matt, theologians, and philosophers are all wrong about morality. He also talks about social cohesion and how it relates to morality. But, he seems to agree with Matt for most of the call...so, how again is Matt wrong?
Pack it up folks, AXP is done. The next caller says Matt already believes in God. James is saying this in a roundabout way by intentionally manipulating words and trying to pull a “Gotcha!” Boring, NEXT!
Next up, Mike in California misinterprets some of Matt’s previous videos. Ooh, and he wants to talk about slavery and the context in which the Bible (specifically Exodus 21) was written. This should be fun!
Chandu in Canada calls asking if it is righteous to practice a worldview where everyone is equal. Dualism, non-dualism, and how is this an atheist vs. theist problem?
James in California suggests that God is an aspirational archetype and Shannon has a great retort! Whose God? What definitions? Would these definitions be able to change for the good of all? Ultimately God as an aspirational archetype isn’t always a benefit to society and Shannon explains why. WHOA!
Greg in Ohio asks if we know who Jesus really was. His actual question was if we know who Jesus was historically. We can’t reasonably demonstrate that he actually existed, but he may have been 1 of 7 people back then, or a rabbi during this time. Shrug?
Journey in North Carolina is a returning caller who was hung up upon before who would like to make definitions and defend God. Not an actual god, mind you, but the word “god”...yawn.
Alex in New Jersey needs help with fully distancing themselves from spirituality. He is really struggling because of being raised in the church and feeling as though his mental illnesses are holding him back. We feel for you Alex, it’s a tough road, but credit where credit is due, YOU’RE doing the hard work. We are glad to be here for you.
That’s our episode for today, please be safe and healthy out there!

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