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Goodbye Jesus

Atheist Experience 24.19 2020-05-10 with Matt Dillahunty & Shane Isgrig


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Welcome back to The Atheist Experience! Today’s show is hosted by Matt Dillahunty & Shane Isgrig. We have a little pre-show chatter, but most important is we have Secular Survey results! https://www.secularsurvey.org/executive-summary

Charles is curious whether our hosts accept any sort of supernatural phenomenon, then explains that God is as clear as the cause of a scraped knee!

David wants to talk about Aristotle’s reason for believing in God, assuming we care specifically about Aristotle’s opinion.

Andre has an argument from quantum mechanics. The call ends quickly and Matt and Shane discuss these odd “proofs for God” from quantum mechanics.

What an interesting follow up from quantum gods. Michael says God exists, doesn’t exist, is mathematics, and is reality. Uh...what?!

Brian believes Matt’s position on how likely a god is to exist changed, and Matt clarifies this misunderstanding of his own positions.

Glenn says the whole show is pointless, because God doesn’t exist and no one will ever call in with evidence of God!

Vladimir has proven God: a creation needs a creator. He’s got us. Pack it up.

Matt in Indiana has an equation that MAY prove god, he thinks. I have an idea on which side of “MAY” the answer will end up.

Kanyon is saying she’s had a lot of unexplained things happen to her, and for that reason she thinks “something” must be behind it.

Daniel in Toronto insists that, since there are so many alien abduction stories, some of them must be true! He also says that there is evidence of alien technology on earth. Ooh, aah!

That’s our show today! If you want to support the show you can check out https://www.patreon.com/theatheistexperience for a monthly subscription to podcasts with NO ADS, or https://tiny.cc/aenmerch for ACA merch! Matt is on Twitter @Matt_Dillahunty and Shane is on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/user/shanemysterio).

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