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Atheist Experience 24.17 2020-04-26 with Matt Dillahunty & Jenna Belk


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Greetings folks! Today’s episode of the Atheist Experience is brought to you by, I can’t think of anything clever to say, so it’s brought to you by virtual hugs. Virtual Hugs to all! Today’s episode of the Atheist Experience is, Matt Dillahunty and Jenna Belk. It’s going to be a great show!
Let’s get to calls. Our first caller is Bug from Texas. He wants to discuss how he is convinced there is no deity helping us make our decisions. He also rambles a bit and it was difficult to really follow what the topic was, but he seems very sincere. Good luck to you Bug!
Next up, Phillip from Florida would like to speak about “the Absence of God Paradox”, claiming if there are no divine laws, God doesn’t exist, and religion is wrong. That’s not a paradox though?
The following caller is Javier from Florida. What is going on in Florida?… don’t answer that! He posits that the foundation for morality is subjective. Matt then says “There is no objective reason to care about well-being, nor what you think your God wants.” Pretty quick call, but good.
The next caller in the queue is Ernesto from Georgia wanting to discuss his questioning of his faith. He is trying to understand and how to better communicate with his significant other about how he feels about where he is.
Next up, Amene in Texas advocates for the God of the Old Testament. Ok, and... What’s your point? Having a bunch of people believe it isn’t enough of a reason to believe in a God.
Afterwards we have Hunter from Texas. He wonders about having to give a religious eulogy. He is expected to give one for family. It’s up to him to decide on how open he is with his Atheism to his family. Perhaps Recovering from Religion would be most helpful. https://www.recoveringfromreligion.org/
Our last caller of the day, Wilbur in New York would like to discuss how people experience the Holy Spirit and possibly how folks in crowds may feel a certain way due to collective delusion. But there can be euphoria with all sorts of things that aren’t religious.
Jenna, you are wonderful! Matt you are fantastic! The crew is amazing! The ACA is here to give you structure by producing our shows remotely for you to enjoy, and we appreciate all of you! Stay healthy, stay home, and wash your hands.

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