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Goodbye Jesus

Atheist Experience 24.12 2020-03-22 with Matt Dillahunty & Shane Isgrig


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Welcome to the Atheist Experience where we experience life as atheists. Today’s episode we have our wonderful host Matt Dillahunty being joined by Shane Isgrig. Welcome to the show Shane! We begin the show with Dean claiming ancient oral tradition like the Dead Sea Scrolls are more accurate than modern human communication. Brent the pantheist calls in saying the universe is conscious and alive. We have an update call, Traci calls to update us on how she’s doing. Damon “thinks” he can prove reincarnation due to the universe expansion and contraction (LOL ok.) Anna Marie is seeking to understand coincidences and un-explainable events. And lastly Brian doesn’t think it’s fair that atheists can cherry pick the bible (sounds like projection!)

In today’s episode of the Atheist Experience, Matt Dillahunty is joined by Shane Isgrig. Shane is a host on Atheist Vanguard and he is Welcome to the co-host chair Shane!
Let’s get to calls. The first caller is Dean from North Carolina. Why are the transmission of the stories of the bible not historically accurate? He gives an example of the Dead Sea Scrolls and oral tradition because the new testament was written 50 years after the ‘fact.’ Dean, have you played the game telephone right? Are ancient humans and their communication style more accurate than modern humans? Sigh, he said they were than us.
Brent the pantheist calls in saying the universe is conscious and alive. Hmmm… parts are, but as a whole this is a problematic claim. If anything, the universe has been created for black holes, hates living things, and his argument in favor that the universe is conscious and alive is arrogant and biased.
Traci the ex-christian is next, she is struggling with completely letting go of god. Congratulations on moving on from religion. Unpacking the religious suitcase and baggage is tough, but you’ll get through it. Shane also brings up a good point: If someone specifically made COVID-19, would you trust them to come up with the vaccine and cure? Why is god more comfortable then if he made this virus?
Oooooh, Damon thinks he can prove reincarnation due to the expansion and contraction of the universe over and over. Ummmm…. He claims he has reasonable justification of this using a TON of assumptions.
Next up, Anna Marie, a recently deconverted atheist in Indiana seeking understanding of un-explainable events. Saying ‘I don’t know’ isn’t providing the solace she is looking for. But it is the best answer in some of these situations.
Our last caller of the day, Brian in South Carolina would like to discuss language semantics and translation due to a previous call. He moves on to talk about how atheists cherry pick the bible, ah, that sounds like projection to me!
And that’s the show for today! We end the show with a word from Matt and Shane about staying safe, stay home, and if things escalate, please keep an eye for announcements as things are always changing.
Send your prayer postcards for Matt to answer on the show to 1507 W. Koenig Lane, Austin, TX, 78741. Otherwise...goodbye!

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