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Goodbye Jesus

Atheist Experience 24.11 2020-03-15 with Matt Dillahunty & Don Baker


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The Atheist Experience 24.11 2020-03-15 with Matt Dillahunty & Don Baker

00:01:33 Announcements Regarding Coronavirus & the ACA
00:08:58 The Coronavirus & the People Taking Advantage of It for Money
00:12:11 Failures of Christianity: Why Won't God Just TALK?
00:29:08 Tom - MO - Struggling Out of My Lutheran Faith (Doubting God)
00:53:01 CJ - NC - How Are You Feeling About Debating David Wood?
00:06:15 Hassan - CA - God is to the Universe as Zero is to Math
01:16:12 Luke - AZ - Why Aren't You Nihilists?
00:00:00 Caller - PL: Topic
00:00:00 Caller - PL: Topic

In today’s show, Matt takes us through the steps the ACA is taking to prevent the spread of coronavirus locally, Don and Matt chat about coronavirus charlatans, and Don has a new Failure of Christianity! We have questioning believers from Matt’s old stomping grounds (near his old church, even!), discussion of debate tactics, God being analogous to zero somehow, and Matt turning an empty truck of gotcha around with a whole trailer full of GOTCHA! And that’s our show!

Hi, folks! We’re in weird times with a pandemic turning its ugly head at us, so Matt starts the show by explaining what the ACA is doing. The tl;dr version: The ACA has issued Defcon levels regarding how many and which people we allow into the Freethought Library, and International Atheist Day events have been moved to online-only, as the Austin capitol has officially closed to the public.

Before we get into Don’s failures, we highlight people taking advantage of fear around the coronavirus. Jim Baker has weird silver supplements, Alex Jones has...anti-coronavirus toothpaste? What? And Matt Dillahunty has F BOMBS!

What’s this week’s failure of Christianity? Well, God keeps hiding from us! He won’t answer our calls, he seems to be answering a bunch of people’s calls with different information, and he won’t heal amputees! WHY?! https://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ (Also Matt puts his Christian hat on...and an atheist hat...and another hat.)

Our first caller shares some ground with Matt, as he lives near Matt’s old church! Tom has some questions, as he feels he’s struggling out of his faith, so he runs some thoughts by our hosts about how he’s deconverted so far (and whether the reasons are good), and what his current questions are. (He does something fun at the end of his call.

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