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Goodbye Jesus

Atheist Experience 24.08 2020-02-23 with Matt Dillahunty & Darrel Ray


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00:00:00 Introduction (to Darrel Ray & Recovering From Religion)
00:21:21 Mary - MN: My Relatives Fear Me Going to Hell (Atheist w/ Pancreatic Cancer)
00:32:32 David - MEX: Demons & Sinful Behavior Cause Paranormal Events
00:38:12 Rami - FR: The Scientific Method Proves God (Over-Simplifying Science)
00:43:40 Alex - MD: I Know What Unites All Religions/Ideologies
00:54:58 Shannon Q - NS: How do we combat "Christian counseling?"
01:05:47 Matt Dillahunty Answers Prayers Again!
01:12:03 Tom - (CA): Can you explain Our Lady of Guadalupe? (Real Miracles! ...not)
01:22:00 Mike - VT: Rude Caller Hung Up On (Bible & Masturbation)
01:24:56 David - LA: Fictional Science Diabetics Book...and other word salad.
01:32:51 Alex - AUS: How Do I Get My Wife to Raise My Kids Secular?
01:39:50 David - AZ: Disproving God Via Math...not so much.


Dr. Darrel Ray is back on the show to talk to us about the mission of Recovering From Religion (1-84-I-DOUBT-IT, 1-844-368-2848, https://www.recoveringfromreligion.org/). Matt and Darrel discuss how religious beliefs impact therapy when therapists bring religion into their practice, and go over Religious Trauma Syndrome.

Mary in Minnesota asks what to do about the fact that her friends and family seem to be afraid of hell for her as she faces imminent death from pancreatic cancer. Matt & Darrel offer some useful advice, but the best thing to know from this call is that Mary will be meeting friend of the show Dave Warnock. If you’re interested in a perspective on actively dying as an atheist, please check out Dave Warnock and Dying Out Loud. (Website: https://daveoutloud.com/, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DaveWarnock.DyingOutLoud/, Twitter: @dwwarnock, Instagram: @warnockpa, YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZpN57H2-9Nv2u5rqIMLZwg?fbclid=IwAR2ygIagoXdW7yxQ-geZbazPrvghM6ZBLV_AUttjb8TdQxjv57ZTY5ouPOs, e-mail: daveoutloud@gmail.com.)

We have some unfortunate issues hearing what caller David says, but he starts to imply that “our sin” has caused some sort of physical change in the universe. He eventually gets to dark energy, at which point Matt drops the call because it’s unfortunately likely that this caller is severely misunderstanding dark energy.

Rami in France seems to offer a similar sort of proof of God, but his is mathematic rather than scientific. He is hung up on after not allowing hosts to address points of disagreement. Womp, womp.

Deepities! Deepities abound! Caller Alex in Maryland uses a LOT of language fluffing to explain the fairly basic concept that a lot of people want good things. He uses this to justify what he calls “meta-theism.”

Speaking of friends of the show, Shannon Q is here! We announce as she calls in that she’ll be here to host the show during Faithless Forum, but her question for Dr. Darrel Ray is this: How do we deal with so-called “Christian counseling?” Shannon takes a look at this on her own YouTube channel in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6vDhtBWFtc. (It’s a long one, grab some popcorn! But if you’re into it, subscribe.) Matt hangs up on Shannon with a soundboard button of his own voice. She asked for it. Literally.

Matt answers more postcard prayers!

We’ve been having calls pop up every now and then recently about Catholic miracles. Tom in Canada wants to ask if the hosts have a natural explanation for Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Mike in Vermont gets hung up on pretty quickly. Don’t come on the show to complain about how long you were on hold… It’s quite rude, and you’re not owed our platform. Next.

Alex in Australia asks what to do about the fact that he and his wife share different religious views, and how to make sure his wife helps him raise their children secularly. Dr. Darrel Ray provides great answers about honest communication and setting of boundaries.

Our final caller, David in Arizona, thinks he can prove God doesn’t exist...with math! He doesn’t. But he really tries!

Please check out The Atheist Experience at https://www.patreon.com/TheAtheistExperience, subscribe on YouTube and your favorite podcast app, and check out our merch at https://www.tiny.cc/aenmerch! Please check out Recovering From Religion at https://www.recoveringfromreligion.org, or call their hotline at 1-84-I-DOUBT-IT (1-844-368-2848). Thanks for checking out our show! Join other fans at Discord at https://www.tiny.cc/acadiscord.

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