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Goodbye Jesus

Atheist Experience 24.01 2020-01-05 with Matt Dillahunty & Jen Aldrich


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ATHEIST EXPERIENCE 24.01 for 2020-01-05 with Matt Dillahunty & Jen Aldrich

00:06:55 Adam - MN - How can atheists be moral and have a system of morality?
00:19:49 Elaine - IL - Shot 9 times, only wanted to speak to Matt, Nah. Goodbye.
00:23:42 Nick - OR - Recently out, struggling with family and pastor friend knowing.
00:43:32 John - TN - Using science and logic to prove a creator exists.
00:57:53 Alonzo - VA - Tries to make the argument that the supernatural exists
01:18:01 Theo - IL - Believes God communicates through feelings and emotions.
01:31:25 Joseph - NY - Reacting to his previous call and to discuss near death experiences.

Happy New Year everyone, it’s the 24th Season of the Atheist Experience! Time flies when you’re debunking theists. In today’s episode, Matt Dillahunty is joined by Jen Aldrich. Jen Aldrich is one of the new hosts of Godless Bitches 3.0, together with Vi La Bianca & Jenna Belk. She's had her own atheist podcast before, called Not Another Atheist Podcast. Google it and enjoy! Welcome to the co-host chair Jen, are you ready for round 2? This is different from Talk Heathen a bit!

Let’s get to calls. The first caller is Adam from Minnesota. He would like to talk about the atheist morality system and how there can be one. He claims that atheists don’t have morals and only have likes and dislikes. Um, that’s wrong. Tune in and see Matt try to show him the truth.

Next up, Elaine from Illinois earns the title of quickest hangup ever of 2020 (so far). Calls in to dictate how we run our show after emailing a couple times. Um no, you don’t get to dictate who speaks during the shows. Goodbye!

The following caller named Nick from Oregon is concerned about how to come out as an atheist to his fundamentalist family and close friend. We can definitely relate, approach them gradually and respectfully, you’ll be ok.

The next caller in the queue is John from Tennessee wanting to discuss how science and logic point to a creator. Uses a laundry list of scientific discoveries and tech to “prove” a blueprint. No no no, that’s not how science works! Bring in Dragnauct, we need his expertise!

Next up, Alonzo in Virginia tries to make the argument that a supernatural god exists. Presupposes that powerful being could exist because of lack of understanding. Tune in to hear Matt break it all down.

Afterwards we have Theo from Illinois. He believes God communicates only through feelings and emotions. How do you know and why do you believe that? Watch and see Matt and Jen work through this with him.

Our last caller of the day, Joseph in New York would like to discuss how atheists can’t understand him correctly and he also would like to talk about believing in near death experiences. Listen in to hear Matt and Jen explore this topic.

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