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Atheist Experience 23.53 2019-12-22 with Matt Dillahunty & Dragnauct Sylvas


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00:07:30 Matt - MI - Investigating miracles and claiming they are supernatural
00:30:10 Gregory - MA - Would like some helpful clarity on his desire to return to religious life.
00:44:37 James - NC - Wonders how we feel about scientists who are banned by the community for their social gaffs.
00:52:07 Valued Customer - Raising kids in religion as atheists, is struggling with being outed by their kids.
01:06:41 A. Radical - Believes there is a mind/conscious creator behind the creation of the universe.
01:29:06 Otangelo - Brazil - Happy holidays, it’s Otangelo. Goodbye
01:31:50 Brett - WA - Claims the Earth cannot be here by natural means.
01:33:45 Jon - Arguing about the laws of logic and using reason to justify worldviews.


In today’s episode of the Atheist Experience, Matt Dillahunty is joined by Dragnauct Sylvas. Welcome to the co-host chair Dragnauct! We are glad you are here to join us!
Let’s get to calls. The first caller is Matt from Michigan. He would like to explore the validity of miracles and backing up their claim of being supernatural in origin. Listen in to hear Matt refute these claims. Our first hangup in a while, tune in and see Matt use the magic button!

Next up, Gregory from Massachusetts would like to talk about how he is feeling the need to return to a religious life. He is feeling challenged and uncertain about his lack of belief and needs some help and clarity on it all.

The following caller named James from North Carolina would like to talk about scientists who have been banned by the scientific community due to their inaccurate opinions on social constructs. And... he dropped the call, Dragnauct says James should go back to biology class!

The next caller in the queue is “Valued Customer” wanting to discuss raising their kids in religion and is concerned about them outing them while within a hostile and religious area. At some point, they will need to explain to their kids why they have lied and move forward.

Next up, “A. Radical” believes there is a mind behind the creation of the universe and claims there is empirical evidence there is a conscious creator. Has a list of premises to back up his claims. Listen in to hear Matt and Dragnauct rebuke these premises and claims.

Oh boy, Otangelo in Brazil would like to discuss a previous closed conversation between himself and Dragnauct… The conversation was closed, so it’s done. GOODBYE! (Good to have you back in the host’s seat Matt!)

Matt’s on a roll, next up, Brett from Washington would like to discuss his paper that the Earth could not have formed due to random chance/natural means because the probability is way too high!

Our last caller, Jon would like to talk about the laws of logic and how to use them to justify a specific worldview. He also claims you couldn’t have the laws of logic without God. Nope, wrong goodbye!

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