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Goodbye Jesus

Atheist Experience 23.48 2019-11-17 with Matt Dillahunty & Don Baker


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The Atheist Experience 23.48 for 2019-11-17 with Matt Dillahunty & Don Baker

00:23:32 Brian - OH - Has proof god exists, it’s Tim Tebow.
00:27:04 Charles - TX - Historical events caused by Jesuits? No.
00:27:53 Joel - AL - Claims to have proof of reincarnation
00:31:23 Patrick - FL - What is sufficient evidence for the existence of god.
00:37:52 Paul - UK - Has definite proof that all the gods don’t exist
00:47:12 Jonathan - AZ - Claims to have found a false argument by Matt
00:58:46 Jeroen - Curaçao - Invited a missionary in to discuss miracles, they deconverted.
01:11:31 CC - Canada - Has evidence for god and he reconverted to Catholicism
01:21:08 Eddie - NY - Believer who has doubts, needs help with understanding.
01:32:20 Rick - Canada - Proof the Big Bang is in the bible and science is in the bible too.


In today’s episode of the Atheist Experience, Matt Dillahunty is joined by one of our favorite co-hosts, Don Baker. Don is back with his list of Christian Failures. This week,
Don continues to talk about souls for the 3rd time. He talks about where the soul goes when you die, spoiler alert: the soul doesn’t exist and it doesn’t go anywhere. If you’re following along and keeping track, this is topic #69.

Let’s get to calls!

The first caller is Brian from Ohio. He claims Tim Tebow is miraculous, it’s also a miracle that he wore 3:16, and everything lined up for a win 7 years ago. Ummmm… No. How do you determine it’s a miracle and how does it translate into proving a god.
Oooh, this one is quick. Charles from Texas lists off historical events and claims it was all caused by the Jesuits. Nope, goodbye!

The following caller named Joel from Alabama has a bald assertion that the soul is reincarnated through universal awareness. Instincts do not relate at ALL to reincarnation. There is also no evidence for this.

The next caller in the queue is Patrick from Florida wanting to discuss why atheists don’t believe that god is the universe. We aren’t trying to redefine the universe as god. What attributes or properties justify putting a god label on the universe? (Answer: it’s not worth it and makes you seem ridiculous.)

Next up, Paul in London, UK has proof that no gods exist. This assertation needs to be under the same scrutiny as the claim that there is a god. The burden of proof is on Paul here due to his claim.

Afterwards we have Jonathan from Arizona. He called in to talk about Matt’s argument that alien abduction is more plausible than god and how that argument is false. It actually is plausible and could happen because it wouldn’t be a supernatural event. You do not get to assert that it is supernatural.

Subsequently, Jeroen in Curaçao feels guilt about deconverting someone who he invited into his home where they discussed and dismantled miracles and other religious ideology.
Next up, Catholic “Clearly” Canadian in Canada definitely has evidence for god. It’s why he reconverted to Catholicism. Where and what is your evidence, eh?

Next caller, Eddie from New York is disgusted with immoral believers and is troubled by what he used to believe. He is having a really tough time, hang in there Eddie, you have community with us here. Please contact the kind folks at Recovering from Religion. They can help: https://www.recoveringfromreligion.org/

Finally, we have Rick from Canada. Claims the big bang is in the bible along with scientific facts. Sorry, science doesn’t work that way.

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