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Goodbye Jesus

More Drama Than the Orgasm is Worth – Episode 25


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Candace Gorham is a former (sh)evangelist and prophetess who studied her way out of the church and out of her belief in god. She is working on a research project called “Ebony Exodus” which will detail the lives of women of color who have left religion. Her story is at times shocking, heart breaking, and filled with courage and guts. She is an amazing woman, very strong, super compassionate, and wicked smart.

We’ll follow this podcast with another tomorrow featuring Candace interviewing Deanna for the Ebony Exodus project. You will hear Deanna’s story of her life in religion, how she lived on the streets as a young teen, and how she overcame the odds to become the awesome woman she is today.

Ebony Exodus

And as always, music for this episode is RoseCross by Morrison’s Prophecy.


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