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Goodbye Jesus

015 Kristen Hovet - Preaching to Friends & Bible Study Lead to Questions. A Friend's Suicide is a Huge Blow.


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Kristen was a devout protestant who would preach to her friends. She diligently studied the Bible. She began to have questions about her beliefs. She became pregnant soon after getting married. While at university a friend commits suicide, which was a huge blow to Kristen.

Kristen is an American-Canadian journalist and writer who specializes in psychology, health, science and the intersection of sociology and culture. She is a member of the National Association of Science Writers. She has a degree in English from Simon Fraser University. She's completed certificate courses in epigenetics, personalized medicine, human physiology and genetics and evolution. She hosts the Humans of Earth podcast, a profile podcast interviewing people from all around the world, highlighting their lives and aiming to bridge the us vs. them divide through shared stories.

Born in Williston North Dakota, she currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her interests include languages, travel, music and yoga.


Kristen Hovet http://kristenhovet.blogspot.com





Humans of Earth Podcast https://soundcloud.com/humans-earth



Marlene Winell-Leaving the Fold http://marlenewinell.net/index.html



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