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Goodbye Jesus

013 Vix - Eyewitness to Religious Killing, She Shares How Witches & Demons Infuse Nigerian Christianity. She Discovered the Flying Spaghetti Monster and Co-Runs Nigerian Atheist & Agnostic Movement's FB Page


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As a young girl, Vix witnessed deadly fighting between Christians and Muslims in northern Nigeria. Her family also experienced a significant personal tragedy. Vix was raised in a Nigerian Christian culture with belief in witches and demons. Her parents are devout Christians. Vix began her journey away from Christianity after moving away from her devout Christian parents to go to college in the the United States. She now co-runs the Nigerian Atheist and Agnostic Movement's Facebook Page! She previously co-ran one of the largest Flying Spaghetti Monster pages on Facebook.



The Nigerian Atheist and Agnostic Movement Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/OurMumuDo/


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