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Atheist Character PMV (Mothwing- Warrior Cats)

Guest KrysLostInSpace

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Guest KrysLostInSpace


This is one of my favorite pmvs in the community by far and thought I'd share it with you guys. If you don't know what Warrior Cats is the general synopsis is that they are groups of cats living in clans with their own traditions and whatnot. They have a position called a medicine cat, which acts as a medic and an interpreter of signs/prophecies Starclan sends them. Starclan is basically their dead ancestors that send omens to warn of future danger. Starclan is also cat heaven (the Dark Forest is basically evil cat place). Mothwing was not born in Riverclan was brought in as a kitten. Being clanborn means that she was not completely raised with the faith in Starclan. Her brother, Hawkfrost, in chase of power put his sister in the medicine cat position by making the current medicine believe she was meant to be his apprentice (Hawkfrost uses a moth's wing and Mudfur interprets this as the will of Starclan). This greatly affects any faith Mothwing had in Starclan. She ends up being an atheist for much of the book series. She feels isolated from the rest of clan because of these beliefs however she remains firm in her position to heal cats. She does end up taking up an apprentice of her own (Willowshine). At the end of one of the arcs, Starclan does join against the final battle against the Dark Forest. Mothwing sees for herself that Starclan is real, however she still does not gain faith in them. Unlike most of her other clanmates, she sees Starclan for all their flaws with eyes unclouded by faith. She reconciles that she will never have such a thing even if she knows they are real. If you want analysis on her character, click the video below. 



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