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Sorry if my grammar is butchered I'm always on mobile, and my keyboard lags a lot.


I stumbled across a video of a man saying he had a vision about Mr. Beast? Philanthropist Mr. Beast, as far as I know not a shady guy. 


Now this guy was saying that any nightmares he gets are from Satan and dreams or nice dreams he has are from God. I don't get nightmares, I've only had weird dreams that range from me kidnapping a Mexican boy, to me in an all girls school binging on carbs. Whose to say those dreams are from Satan or god? I've even had dream about people I've seen in real life and some fictional characters. 


Honestly the way he explained his dream/vision sounds like most weird dreams. He was eating eggs with Mr.Beast with his friend who about outlays liked to eat, then yelled at two naked women the word of God and they hissed at him, and then he saw Satan with bright white eyes and told him the word of God and he perished. And Mr. Beast looked like he had a giant load taken off his shoulders.....Sir...Now how come God didn't give him any other dream about pedophiles running around influencing minors (Tony Lopez and others ) we may never know.


Now, I don't doubt having dreams or seeing visions of the future. I've had a dream where I saw the future, my mom is in a robe cooking breakfast and she kills a fly. When I awoken and went downstairs I see that I basically had a dream/vision of the exact same thing. Other people have had this happen to them before, and it has a name but I forgot. (Starts with a P?) 


Though, I don't know Mr. Beasts true self or true life, but this sounds like your basic average wtf was that dream. 

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Yep, no reason to put any revelation-meaning to most dreams. Typically for me, I'm working through big issues and the dreams can reflect how my deeper mind is working on it, maybe in the form of it being played out in other people's lives so I can see the conflict from another perspective. But normal dreams are just stuff from the day being sorted by the mind. But superstitious people are always looking for things to confirm their beliefs are true, and they are happy to trumpet those dreams as visions from god. 


I find that if I sleep too warmly, my dreams get weird. I barely use any covers at all, while my wife piles on down comforters. I almost always have my feet or legs outside the covers, and that regulates my body temp so my mind seems quiet. 

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There are some people to whom the Revelations tale and especially, the great adversary Mr. Beast are really fascinating.


And I find that fascinating.

I don't really understand it, but based on one or two people I've known, I suspect that...


Such people who tend to focus on eschatology, the "End Times", "the Mark of The Beast", etc are people who want conflict and drama in their tame typically middle-class lives, events in which they will be tested for bravery and spiritual strength and be victorious. In a sort of Don Quixote way perhaps.


Pastor Alan Campbell used to point out that Christian believers almost always make of the bible and the book of Revelations a myth they then call "The Great Tribulation".


His point was that nowhere in the bible does "Great Tribulation" appear as the definite article. The capitalization of those words as they are quoted from the bible is an effort to draw the listener into the tale of the challenging exciting times to come when good will be tested against evil and good prevails.


It reads well anyway..

Thinking of it, I don't recall ever seeing any cinematic representation of the entire book of Revelations. Perhaps if Hal Lindsey had been better funded and more energetic, it would have happened. 

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For a couple years at age 6..7 or so I had intense nightmares every night. Always.

It always seemed as if it was all night, but I'm certain it wasn't. Probably one such each night, which might have in reality been 3 minutes.


Nearly all of them though were some variation on the same thing.

The very common "something's chasing me!" dream where you're running away from some dark and menacing pursuer, and you begin to freeze into slow-motion as the pursuer catches up to you and you awaken in fright.

Or you fly away from the danger but then gravity increases and you begin to sink down into their horrible grasp. Doesn't everyone have this dream once or twice?


Then I lived another number of years, long enough to learn that this is how life really works.


If we see WWIII culminate on the plains of Megiddo in my lifetime I won't be surprised. On the other hand, it's as likely to be the South China Sea, or in the air over Africa or the border between India and Pakistan.


The role of The Beast, as described in Revelations?

We probably have that and worse now.

And I am not speaking of any specific office-holder or political actor.


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