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The Atheist Experience 25.01 01-03-2021 with Shannon Q and Paulogia


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Happy New Year and welcome back! Get ready for today’s Atheist Experience: The Canadian Invasion! Today ShanonQ is joined by Paulogia to tackle a new year's set of arguments and apologetics. Find more Paulogia content at:


Our first caller, Tim in KS how does atheism better account for the world as we find it than his Christianity does? Atheism isn’t a worldview. Biblical interpretation is not a way to look at the real world. We can argue about morality all day but your personal experience does not hold any explanatory power for us.

Brian in MD is doubting everything and asks how can any human prove science is reliable? Science has predictive power and It’s the best model we have to investigate the world. So many of us go through a heavy doubt phase, it is completely normal. A god is not needed for a moral system. Good luck on your journey!

Enoch in PA asks our take on a story he heard in bible school. Is it probable that a story you were told was prophetic? We have our doubts. We attribute our beliefs to outlandish stories, it isn’t proof of a god. Yes, evidence would change our minds. We might believe in a proven god, but we wouldn’t necessarily worship it.

Kevin in NY asks if the universe has a nurturing or volatile aspect to it. The universe does not care about us. We don’t understand how you are making the connection to we need a god for anything, let alone consciousness. See if we can hone in on one of your topics when you call back.

Lastly, Jo in Canada asks why atheists are mocking other religions, like drawing Mohamad inappropriately? People are bringing light the injustice of others losing their freedoms or lives for blasphemy laws that we don’t face here. Mockery is a way to assert that freedom but not all atheists engage in this type of activism. There are people that don’t have that freedom, like Zara Kay, who is being held in Tanzania on trumped up blasphemy charges.


Thanks for tuning in, we are so glad you joined us today. Thanks for joining us to say goodbye to 2020. Welcome to 2021!

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