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Secular counsellor?


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On 3/26/2021 at 7:48 AM, freedomwalker said:

Hi, does anyone know of a good secular counsellor that they can recommend?


Try https://www.seculartherapy.org/

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Like others say, for what?


For religious-cult related topics, I have had good experiences with Gillie Jenkinson Hope Valley Counselling


Not counseling perse, but Coaching | stronger-after (stronger-after.org) 


Lists can be checked at international cultic studies association.


Goodness come thy way!

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PS Idk International cultic studies association and stronger after is NOT a secular organisation, and some therapists might be religious in their personal life, but from what I know most are very non coercive and practice in your area of comfort. But, if you want strictly secular people, you could send them an email asking for that info and see what they say,

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