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An X-christian MST3K


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Hello all! I don't  know about you, but I  really find a lot of enjoyment in watching Christian-movies. The realities that are created in these films are a goldmine of psychological and behavioral causation. 

I find myself dissecting the lies and illogic, and laughing to myself, and it occured to me, "Why isn't there an ex-christian version of Mystery Science Theater 3000, featuring Christian-Movies?


Ex-christians are a growing community, and the only ones that would truly get why Christian-movies are so repugnunt, and deluded, yet hilarious at the same time!


I think this is a good idea! We have an audience, and I'm sure there are some people out-there that can deliver a joke! So, think about it. Let me know if anyone wants to make this happen.


I'm in Austin, TX.

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One good example: 



Everything these christian writers can imagine to throw at atheism, has already been debunked in our forums over, and over, and over again. 



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