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Goodbye Jesus

The Atheist Experience 25.27 07-04-2021 with Dave Warnock and Jenna Belk


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In today’s episode of the Atheist Experience, Dave Warnock is joined by Jenna Belk!

Our first caller this afternoon is Chris from ID. They believe that the outcome events, like the creation of the universe, have a predetermined purpose behind it.

Next is Hank from TX who is struggling to take the last step towards atheism. They can’t reconcile how our consciousness is possible due to its seemingly non-physical characteristics.

Next is Jan from DE who claims that it is impossible to choose a god or philosophy. They also claim that we all believe the same things, and that we only have conflicts over beliefs because people aren’t defining their terms properly.

Up next is Chris from CA who claims to be a pure agnostic, but isn’t able to explain how their position on God differs from that of atheism.

Next up is once again David from CA who wants to talk about how God has stopped rapes while our hosts have not. You are not welcome back here David.

Up next is Eric from GA who shares their experience with AA and the program's claim that you can’t get sober without God. Thank you for calling!

Up next is Thomas from OH who claims that because humans carry the image of God, therefore we are gods. Beliefs are not interchangeable with knowledge, they are different terms with different levels of justification required before being used as a label.

Our final caller is Robert from TX who claims to have a convincing anecdote that proves God. The caller already held the belief that a god existed prior to the experience, so they credited it to the God despite not having a justifiable reason to believe that one exists.

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