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Goodbye Jesus

Has God got a GOD?

Sexton Blake

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We are told God can do anything, so when he decided to open up heaven and hell, why did he not just do so?


Why the Jesus rigmarole?


One might think that he had to make a blood sacrifice to his own GOD for it to be done?




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It galled me that god says that we should turn the other cheek, and then be a petulant ass that demands death for human ancestors eating from a magic fruit tree he created and then planted in front of them. Why make the tree? Why plant it there instead of a different GALAXY? Why not act like a parent caring for children instead of threatening them with death? Why be so damn insistent on payment that he had to murder his kid to satisfy rage? That isn't holy, it is psychotic narcissism and we'd lock him up if he were human.


To me, these myths are clues about human thought in the tribal days where life was still pretty rough and they were looking for any edge on survival, like appealing to imaginary beings for help. Humans think abstractly, so maybe someone (or someones) is in charge of nature. "Here, I'll cut the heart out of this animal/human and burn it for you. How about a good harvest this year? In fact, here's a hundred more hearts so you know we mean it!" If a good harvest followed, then clearly it worked. A kind of logic, but with a bad premise. Then followed all the stories about who the gods are and their stories about making the world and stuff in it. If only we had gravitated towards figuring out the abstractions of logic and science first. 

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