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God hates liars

Sexton Blake

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The bible makes it clear that God hates liars.




If there is a Hell, that is where they will end up.


So, why do many christians lie most of the time, especially about their religion?


If you have to lie about your religion, then surely you must realise that it is false, so why do you continue to believe in it?

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I remember pondering this when a guy I knew wondered if he should plaster on a smile and pretend to be happy at work so he would be a better witness of Jesus. I think I asked him if he wasn't happy, then why advertise his faith as making people happy. But he asked Isn't it supposed to make us happy? But this "happy image" was so very commonplace in that congregation (Nazarene), perhaps due to the big influence of Zig Ziglar sales techniques. The staff (mostly businessmen in the community) even kept significant money issues hidden from the congregation to keep a happy positive image publicly. That church eventually folded after building a large building and using all kinds of sales techniques to squeeze money out of the congregation "for God's kingdom".


During building we all were out there with permanent markers writing scripture verses on the wooden studs. That magic didn't work. The pastor wasted tens of thousands insisting on re-work of just the entrance to the building. That was kept covered up fairly well. Pastoral staff "felt called" to a Nazarene college in Idaho. They were replaced with some hotshot from California that stayed maybe a month before "feeling called" somewhere more profitable. The tailspin completed shortly after that. 


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