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Was Jesus gay?

Sexton Blake

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In the time of Jesus, a boy became a man at age 13 (average life expectancy at the time was just 30 years old).


Jesus loved and hated, having all the normal emotions and yet for almost 20 years after his 13th birthday, he never married, never had any female acquaintances, girlfriends, etc.


He was always with a group of men.


Certainly tongues would have wagged among local women, as homosexuality was well known of at the time, though kept secret.


The bible (and Fred Phelps) tells us that God hates gays. And yet Jesus had nothing to say against them.


The disciples looked up to Jesus and admired him, etc, so why are we told that one disciple loved Jesus, as if the others did not?


When the Romans came for Jesus, there was a naked man there who lost a bit of linen covering him. Strange.


Why did Judas kiss Jesus? Why not just point him out?

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wasn't Peter jealous of a woman (Mary)? that Jesus was fond of?  Maybe I saw that in one of the Gnostic gospels?  They give Jesus a different "flavor".

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