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Is God eternal?

Sexton Blake

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Well, he says he is, the bible says he is and his followers say he is, but none of them can be trusted.


Modern Man has been around for some 300,000 years and God for maybe 3,000 years, so where was he?


Jehovah/Yahweh was one of numerous Jewish gods (including Baal) and he even had a mistress of sorts, Asherah who he fell out with (she also slept with Baal).


King Josiah reformed the Jewish religion, getting rid of temples to Baal, etc and building up Yahweh in the late seventh century BC




so from a relatively minor god, he became the God of the Jews.


The contradictory bible is of little help, telling us both that there is one god and even more so, that there are many gods:




the Jewish religion, having been changed many times before it was written down, and even then, changed more times so cannot be trusted. It has its creation story (stolen from an EARLIER Egyptian creation story) from just 6,000 years ago which is so bad that even many christians do not believe in it, and it is just one of so many, many other creation stories in other religions. And of course, we know the Flood story was stolen too and that Moses never existed, etc. The bible is a book of myths and legends.


It has the often quoted John 1:1-18, which is different in style and content to the rest of the gospel so is recognised as a hymn to God, written by an unknown author and added some time later. So is worthless.


I see no evidence for an eternal god. Or any God.

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