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God, junior?

Sexton Blake

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God is not a schizophrenic with 2 or 3 different personalities.


The Jews knew Jesus was fake because a God does not have sons. God would have known that, that the Jews would never accept Jesus as "his son" so why would he send Jesus to Earth as his son?


You cannot have two all powerful beings.


God made a world, animals, fish, people, etc.

Jesus made a blind man see.


God flooded the world.
Jesus turned water into wine.


God killed 185,000 soldiers.

Jesus made a cripple walk.


And so on. Christians point to John 1:1-18 but why was this information not in the old testament?

Why are these verses different in style and content from the rest of the gospel of John?


Because they are a song praising Jesus, added later by an unknown person. You cannot say everything is "bright and beautiful" because a song says that. As someone once said: "God must have loved ugly things because he made so many of them".


No matter how many people explain to them that they are wrong, christians still point to Isaiah 53:




There is also Micah 5:2.


The gospel of Matthew (2:5-6) claims that Jesus's birth in Bethlehem fulfils this prophecy. But this is unlikely since the prophecy does not refer to the Messiah, but rather to a military leader, as can be seen from verses 6-10. This leader is supposed to defeat the Assyrians, which, of course, Jesus never did.


Another failure.


There is Jesus on the cross asking why God has forsaken him? Jesus saying only god knows when the end will be, Jesus makes it clear that you have to believe in HIM to get into Heaven. Not God. And so on.


Only blasphemers ignorant of the bible claim that Jesus is God.

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