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They'll take in any riff-raff.

Sexton Blake

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We are told that being a good person will not get you into Heaven.


It seems that the only thing that will get you into Heaven is a firm belief in Jesus as the Son of God.


Is this not wrong? Is this not an ego trip for Jesus?


There has been many evil monsters and killers who were good christians so does Jesus welcome them all into Heaven?


There are good people of other religions and no religion but Jesus would condemn them to eternal torture because they upset his massive ego and do not worship him.


Heaven it seems is not a place for good people but for those who believe in Jesus, no matter how bad they were.

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My favourite example is Jeffrey Dahmer. Serial killer and necrophiliac who murdered and ate 17 people. He became a born again Christian in prison, then another prisoner beat him to death. 

Not only does salvation by faith mean Jeff gets his just reward of eternity in heaven, but either his victims would burn in hell, or at best get sent to heaven to live with the guy that ate them.

If works don't matter then any horror is not punished. 

Then you get to heaven and have to have no empathy for those in hell, no feelings of any negative emotions, no regrets, no disagreement and somehow God doesn't want us to just be robots... 

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