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Have you heard of science?

Sexton Blake

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Of course you have. That is how we find out about stuff and get smarter.


Imagine if instead we had faith that the Earth was flat and the more faith we had, the more proof we got that the Earth was indeed flat.


But it does not work like that.


People can have faith that the Earth is flat and think up reasons why they are right, but travel in one direction around the world as I have and come back to your starting point, as I have, and suddenly all your reasons and all your faith are worth nothing because they are clearly wrong.


So with religion.


If a real God existed, then science would be how we find out about him and how we prove that he really exists. Faith would be of no help since you would only be reinforcing your own beliefs.


So, where is the science that backs up God?


An old book full of contradictions, mistakes, nonsense and which has no basis in history, that even believers have to lie about? Which of the 45,000 different versions of christianity do you believe is infallibly true?


Sure some scientists have faith in God and believe in God, but they have no scientific evidence to back up that faith and that belief.




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Yeah, from what I read, about half of the US scientists believe in God or a higher power of some kind.

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