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Just writing in a book

Sexton Blake

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Just because something has been written down, it does not mean it is true, especially if it was written long ago when people had many strange and ignorant beliefs as we must realise from the many different religions and gods and claims of impossible things.


As the old joke goes; "an atheist is someone who believes in one less god than you do." Religious people have dismissed all the other gods but still believe in one god and his magic.


If I told you I went shopping this morning, it could be accepted without evidence as many people do such a mundane thing.


If I told you I flew over houses to get to the shops this morning, that could not just be accepted because as Carl Sagan said:


"The more unlikely a certain claim is, given existing evidence on the subject, the greater the standard of proof that is expected of it."


And I could certainly give no evidence of doing such a thing, because as we know, it is impossible.


And yet 6 out of 7 people in the world believe the impossible was once possible and people walked on water, rose from the dead, sliced the Moon in half with a sword, flew, and so on.


So, what evidence do we have of any of these magical things happening?


NONE. Just words in books.


God is eternal. Evidence?

God made heaven and Earth. Evidence?

God made animals and the first people. Evidence?

God drowned the world. Evidence?

God stopped the Sun from moving. Evidence?

God murdered 185,000 soldiers. Evidence?

Jesus walked on water. Evidence?

Jesus died and rose again. Evidence?

and so on and so on.


All we have is words in a book, one of many on myths and legends of things that it is typically claimed happened thousands of years ago in probably all countries around the world. Take the area concerned and the ignorance of its people:




You do not have to disprove claims of miracles and magic because we know them to be impossible. It is up to the gullible liars to prove that magic is possible, and they cannot, no matter how many lies they tell. Keep demanding evidence of what they claim.


The real reason that the church hated THE LIFE OF BRIAN is not because it disrespected Jesus, because it did not. It treated him well. But because it showed how gullible and stupid the people of those times were, that they could believe anyone a prophet, like they did Jesus.


It should be remembered that the bible is a book of HEARSAY stories, written tens, hundreds, even thousands of years after events portrayed by people who were clearly not eye witnesses (as in: Jesus told us, I saw Jesus do this, we went with Jesus to, etc as well as personal stuff on Jesus and the author). There were no omnipresent people everywhere at the right time to see and hear everything, with perfect memories.


The Jesus stories were conveniently written down after many who would have been alive then and could have said they were all lies, had died.

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