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Why is the bible full of nonsense?

Sexton Blake

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Considering that creationists believe every word in the bible from the first to the last, what does this say about how utterly stupid and moronic they are?

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Do they though?  They might claim they do, but if that is the case, then why have so few read the whole thing?  Why aren’t they spending hours every day reading, rereading, and picking apart every sentence of that book for every last bit of wisdom and morality that they think is in there?  

They say they believe the whole thing just so that they can justify their hateful beliefs and behaviors.   “I don’t think x, y, and z people are immoral/evil, god does”.  And then they will point to a chapter and verse in the roughly 10% that they have actually read to justify themselves.


I also suspect that subconsciously they might know something that many of us here have realized is obvious.  The fastest and easiest way out of christianity is often a thorough reading of the bible.  When it comes to books that make atheists, the works of Hitchens, Dawkins, and all the other famous atheist authors aren’t even in the same league as the bible.  And I think that terrifies them.

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I'll repeat a couple of points I've made here in past discussions:


The tale of Noah's Ark is obvious bullshit.

It just isn't possible.


To believe that Noah lived about 2500 - 3000 B.C. and used the minimal written languages which existed at that time to record the detailed accounts of Genesis regarding creation and the events around Adam and Eve in the garden with the magic talking snake is absurd. The only known written languages of Noah's time were far too primitive and simplistic to enable writing in such detail. (assuming there actually existed a man named Noah who supposedly received a visit from god to tell him all these things)


No one at any point in the years since can claim to have seen Noah's original manuscript... if you can call hieroglyphs etched into a clay tablet a "manuscript". No one can even claim to know which of the few written languages of Noah's time was the language he used.


And with that, the concept of "original sin" on which the Gospel is based collapses under it's own weight.


Personally, that's about all I need to know about it.

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