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The church in Britain

Sexton Blake

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What religion you believe in is of course down to the brainwashing you receive from people you trusted (and thought would tell you the truth) in your early years.


In Britain they get you early by pushing religion on you at school, all through school life, where you have morning assemblies and where you have lessons on religion, and where it is taught as if it were history and science.


Religion is part of every day like, with churches with their message boards outside with bible quotes or a religious statement that is supposed to be funny.


Almost all MP's (Members of Parliament, chosen for their ability to speak and not because they have any brains) are religious. Almost all christians though some other religions have sneaked in as we have to be nice to immigrants, who will go elsewhere if we do not. There are 26 UNELECTED bishops to make sure christianity is kept in law, like for instance we make sure people in great pain, etc suffer as long as possible before dying and so not commit suicide like Jesus did (coming to Earth to die for us). We have had the odd atheist MP's, but generally not people atheists want to ally themselves with, often being communists.


The Sunday Trading Laws always annoyed me, even when I was a christian as a kid. Just about everywhere was shut (other than pubs) and Sunday was a dead day when no one did anything. Over time, not even going to church. This was actually down to a small group of intolerant old cranks called The Lord's Day Observance Society, in Penge, in South London who wrote endless letters to all MP's who assured these simple people that if would be the end of civilization if people were allowed to shop on Sundays, the christian sabbath.


The Jews criticised Jesus (supposedly a Jew though he later ranted and raged at Jews) for working on the sabbath and he said it was OK. And of course, priests, etc work on Sundays.


Religion was helped in Britain by unions. Forget American unionists. These people were rank communists, many literally getting their orders from Russia. They demanded that workers should have one day off a week, and it had to be Sunday. They must not be forced to work that day.


Back in the late seventies and early eighties, I had numerous trips to America and was amazed that on a Sunday in this religious country, shops and such opened if they wanted to.


As more non-christians poured into Britain, and shops were owned by Pakistanis (muslims) and the like, it was agreed that shops should be allowed to open for six hours on Sundays, and that no worker should be forced to work then. They only did it if they wanted to (and most did as they were poorly paid). The Unions and others reluctantly agreed and after several months, a study was done, finding out that for many, it was a family day out when people were not at work or kids at school. And that over half of church goers themselves shopped on Sundays after leaving church.


As well as schools, hospitals have to pay for priests so they can prey on the sick and dying, though undoubted the church would do it for free so they can spread their lies. Prisons have paid chaplains, which is handy as so many christians are criminals. And christianity still makes it into laws though increasingly they have less influence, because of non-christian immigrants and because of being forced into modern times where they are no longer allowed to pillory people because of their sexuality and finally where telling people they are going to burn in Hell is now a hate crime.


Where I lived in England 20 years ago, there was a Saturday market and a bitter little man handed out christian leaflets as well as telling lies and telling everyone they would burn in Hell. With a fair number of non-christian immigrants living in the area, he was finally forced to shut up and so vanished to try and spread his intolerance elsewhere.


A survey several years ago said that supposedly about half the people in Britain are still christians though most churches are empty on Sundays these days. Even their lies cannot alter the real world. The so called Church of England has a following of less than two percent of English people. A more recent survey is more encouraging:


Figures from the 2018 British Social Attitudes (BSA) survey showed that 52% of the UK public said they did not belong to any religion, 38% identified as Christian, and 9% identified with other faiths.


I looked at churches in the area where I used to live in England, as I still do in places, then at the population of that area. If the church/es can squeeze in maybe 250 people (not going to happen) and there is over 100,000 people in the area, I can see how few real christians there are in the area. Of course, such people usually do not pray, or ever read the bible, so we are winning the battle, by apathy and an uncaring god, if by nothing else.


And the rot continues in the church, and even other religions, like where a survey showed just 1 in 3 muslims attend a mosque and the rot continues in islam, even in muslim countries:




which is encouraging for the world.



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