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Was Jesus meek and wise?

Sexton Blake

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Jesus describes himself as meek and gentle (Mt 1 1 :29),'" and Paul- the artist formerly known as Saul and self-proclaimed "apostle" who never met Jesus- claims the same (2 Cor 10:1).'" Yet "meek" Jesus boasted he was "greater than Solomon" (Mt 12:42), saying he "came not to send peace, but a sword" (Mt 10:34), and "to send fire on the earth" (Lk 12:49). Jesus desperately needs your praise (Mt 10:37),"' and advises savage whipping of your disobedient slaves (Lk 12:47).


Jesus commands you to hate your family, and hate your own life, or you are unworthy: ...
If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple. - Luke 14:26


Like many Christians, a born-again friend once told me to forget the Old Testament because "Jesus came along and changed everything." Only a very selective reading of the NT can adduce such an assertion.


I must point out that Jesus believed in Noah's Ark (Mt 24:37, and Lk 1 7:27), Adam & Eve and their son Abel (Lk 3:38 and Lk 1 1 :51), Jonah living in a fish or whale (Mt 12:40), and Lot's wife turning into salt (Lk 1 7:31-32). Jesus even bought into the absurd notion (Jn 3:14) that a magical pole proffered by the OT (Num 21 :9) could cure snakebites merely by gazing upon it.

Dim and gullible and superstitious was this figure of Judean folklore, it seems, believing all the absurd tales of the Hebrew Tanakh. Upon reading the Bible, one must be honest: Jesus was not"meek" and nor was he wise since he believed that illnesses were caused by demons:


Jesus cured disease with exorcisms. But if demons really are a cause of disease, why isn’t exorcism a part of medical practice today?

The Bible records Jesus performing seven distinct exorcisms (sometimes repeated between the gospels). The most famous may be the Gerasene demoniac, a man possessed by many demons. Jesus cured him by expelling the demons into pigs, which then drowned.


A significant fraction of Jesus’s healings are of illnesses caused by demons or sin, but where are these illnesses today? Are doctors today ill-prepared if they treat demon- or sin-caused illnesses as if they had organic causes?





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