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Have Any Book Suggestions?


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Looking for book recommendations:
any and all regarding skeptical arguments contra religion and/or any particular sect.

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Anything Dr. Bart Ehrman writes is usually very eye opening. 


Heaven and Hell a history of the afterlife is great. 


God is not Great by Christopher Hitchens is good. Its kind of like the opposite of Foxes book of martyrs. He lists all the atrocities Christians have done in the name of their God. 



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Thanks for reminding me about God Is Not Great.

I have read several of Bart's books. He opens scholarly research in an accessible way for the general public. His life story from evangelical christian to atheist is interesting. He has a great blog and Youtube channel.

Anything by Robert M. Price is good.

I also like David Fitzgerald's Jesus: Mything in Action
See review at https://volumesofvalue.com/2022/09/26/jesus-mything-in-action/



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God: An Anatomy by Francesca Stravrakopoulou

The Jesus Cult: 2000 years of the Last Days by Robert Conner

Child Sacrifice in Ancient Israel by Heath Dewrell

Jesus from Outer Space by Richard Carrier

The Bad Jesus by Hector Avalos

Inerrant the Wind by Robert Price


Those will definitely get you started!

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EDEN: The Sumerian version of Genesis  by Anton Parks



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