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Jw And Mormons Are Xtians


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I posted some of the comments by our guest Deacon Dave(Real or not) a achristianandanatheist.com


So topic eventually became, are JW and Mormons xtians?


65 post and counting, no xtian yet has still be able to give me an answer as to why JW/Mormons are not xtians and why catholics are? :lmao:




Interdenomenational fight is fun :fdevil:


Atleast one xtian had the honesty to admit at the end that JW and Mormons will be associated with christianity



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well, most of the born agains I know don't accept Catholics as real christians.

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It's part of fundy strategy - disassociate your biggest rivals with your cult overall, and discredit them in the eyes of the herd. That way, people will think they're just whacked-out cults and not the real vehicle of Jeezus™.


The problem is, the JWs and the Mormons are just as Xian as any other sect. They believe in a being named Jeezus Christ™ and claim their cult is based on his teachings, and hence they are Xian by linguistic definition. Words mean things, and traditional fundy sects can't handle that.

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