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I'm Starelda...least that's what I call myself on the www. Recently, left Christianity...this weekend actually. I feel like a fog has cleared from my eyes and I'm finally free. Basically, was introduced to Christianity at a young age...my parents are atheists but I still ended up with a childrens bible, singing hymns at school and getting dragged along to a Christian fellowship club by my friend. Drifted in and out of beliving for a while and ended up pagan during my teens. Then in my late teens felt drawn back towards Christianity and started believing again.


I've struggled with my beliefs for most of the past year. Once I wisened up to the fact that Christianity teaches my entire family would go to hell 'cause they don't believe I started looking at alternative theories. Got more and more liberal, ended up walking away from Christianity at the beginning of this year and then a couple weeks later went back to it.


Now I see that I was just clinging onto something that was familiar from my childhood. The familiarity was what drew me to it in the first place...that and the safe feeling of believing in some loving being that will pick you up when you fall. When I questioned it...it all fell apart. There's contradictions everywhere I look and no proof of a God. :Doh:


So yeah, I finally woke up to that fact and now I want to scream FREEEDDOOOOMMM Braveheart style! :woohoo:

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I want to scream FREEEDDOOOOMMM Braveheart style! :woohoo:
Umm... :scratch:


Wasn't he getting his guts pulled out when he did that? :Hmm:


That's just -- freaky. :twitch:


Yeah...obviously without the guts bit. :eek::grin:

Though I'm sure there was another time...when they were preparing for a battle and he was riding a horse, giving a speach and said it at the end.

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