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I Had Quit Shopping Here, But I Might Reconsider


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Then again, they could have donated MORE.

I stopped shopping at this chain several years ago when they were rude. At that time, they thought they were the only game in town, because Albertson's had pulled out. Then SuperWalmart came in, giving us another grocery store.

But..I might reconsider..if they would give more.. :grin:


Christians protest outside an H-E-B over chain's donation to Pridefest


Web Posted: 06/17/2006 12:00 AM CDT

Tracy Idell Hamilton

Express-News Staff Writer


More than 100 people joined Christian radio talk show host Adam McManus on Friday evening to picket a busy H-E-B grocery store waving brightly colored signs at passing commuters with phrases like "H-E-B pushes the homosexual agenda," and "H-E-B promotes sodomy."


The group is protesting the grocery chain's $300 support of Pridefest San Antonio, the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community's annual celebration of all things queer.


Rest of Story

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I'm with you on this one Lizard. HEB is not my favorite grocery store. But if they get local xtians in a wad, good for them.


They're free to give there money to how they please. Somebody somewhere will be unhappy no matter who they give it too.


So did anyone notice the host's name is McManus. :HaHa:

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What the in heel is a 'homosexual agenda'? :Hmm:

:lmao: You know, that's where they want make everyone else homosexual or prey on young children...and definately leading the "rest of us" astray.. :twitch:

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