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God Is Evil?


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You just diverted the topic to one of Christianity to fuel your obsession.

No, I have not. This is ex christian, so it was natural to think that you were talking about the christian god. If it wasn't, you should have said so.

The confusion originates from you and you alone.



Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnibenevolent entity sovereign over everything and creator of the universe.


My definition in my argument. Where does it say "Yahweh" or "Christianity"?

Your definition is that of the christian bible God, though. You definitely arent talking about Egyptian Gods or Greek Gods. :shrug:


My definition is that of a generic entity with those attributes. I'm definitely not talking about any specific deity.


First, I assume we're talking about the Christian god. If we are, he is neither good nor evil, since he doesn't exist. I personally don't think that any sentient being could be purely good or purely evil anyway. Even Saddam probably has a smidgeon of good buried somewhere really, really, really, really, really deep, which he tries to forget exists, and I've heard bad things about Mother Theresa. But for something to be good or evil or both, it logically has to exist first.


She says, missing the point of the hypothetical.


The One God, if it existed, would not be evil. It would be amoral.


Morality is a behavioral adaptation of social beings that use reciprocity as a survival strategy.


Uh, no...The One God, with the definition of omnibenevolent, would not be amoral.


Morality is a code of values accepted by choice. It has nothing to do with emotions, chef.

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