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Religious thoughts of an ex-Christian history wonk.

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How To Be A Good Parent (According To God)

I have a young son*. Ever since he was a baby, I've been practicing Biblical principles in his raising, and he's turning out great!   I gave him a little cross-stitched sampler at his birth that said, "Mommy loves you." I also made sure his father told him that he can feel my love by thinking to me. I've never actually spoken to him, though, or let him see me. That might take away his free will, you see, and no loving parent removes free will from her child.   Because I love him, I make him



The Historical Jesus

Today while browsing some documentaries, I noticed how many involved the premise "nobody would deny that Jesus existed." That idea's been percolating in my head for a while and I think today I finally realized why I object to it. Simply put: What do we mean when we talk about Jesus existing? What properties would Jesus have if he had really existed as the Bible describes?   Saying "of course Jesus existed" has as much truth to it as "of course Steve existed." There were tons of guys named Jesu



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