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Idiots Galore - Rant



So I posted a rant the other day in the forums, but I figure they probably belong more so on my blog. Just now I was reading this blog where a person was countering the racist statements of somebody else (basically that all blacks are criminals) and gave the explanation for high crime rates wasn't race but education and poverty levels and gave a european country as an example stating that in this country where there are high levels of the above, there is also high levels of crime despite being a fairly racially homogenous country.


All the painful comments in response to his retort were about how that country has low crime rates and despite multiple clarifications that he wasn't talking about the country as a whole, people kept repeating the same mantra "this country has low crime rates lol you don't know what you're talking about hahah". This is what is so frustrating to discuss issues on the internet. Some people get stuck on a misunderstanding of your point, and never deviate from it and it becomes tiresome. Anyways, this bugged me so hard I had to vent here and now I'm done :)

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Agree, the internet is a very difficult communications medium.


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