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Weight Loss Progress



So, I haven't exactly been making strides, I am finding that I am drinking soda every now and again but it is still less than what I use to drink before. Some days I don't drink at all, other days I'll have it with a meal. I kinda went all out a couple days ago when I had a pretty rough day, I guess for me food is my own form of self abuse.


Anyways, the cardio pretty much went nowhere. I have barely touched the elliptical so I decided to start doing what I actually enjoy which is lifting weights. I bought some weights and a flat bench and dedicated one of our rooms for it. I think I might even buy some speakers to play music off my phone. I did some lifting yesterday and I'm a bit sore today, so something went right. I put together a workout plan and I'll be using this for a while. It's a beginner plan and gives me a good overall workout.


The workout is designed for use 3 days a week with cardio done on the off days. Seeing how much I seem to detest cardio I don't like my chances of doing the cardio, but we'll see how we go. What I found looking online for people who lost large amounts of weight is they all started very small. Some started as small as walking around the block everyday, others just cut out soda for one meal a day, or every other day.


I guess what I am trying to take from this is to start small enough that I can keep it up. So typically I drink soda with lunch and dinner. What I do now is typically skip it with lunch and have it with dinner. I tried skipping it for both meals, but for whatever reason dinner seems harder to break than lunch so I'll take lunch and stop getting annoyed at myself with dinner. Likewise, if I won't do cardio but I enjoy doing weights, I'll take that and go with that.


Anyways, Since I started I have lost a tiny bit of weight - about 3 kilos, it fluctuates (water retention or something I guess) but it's still consistently lower than it was when I started. I think my first mini goal is 10 kilograms lost. I just need to take one step at a time - one baby step at a time.


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