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NimbusBirdMgp Is All About Me In Part 1




NimbusBirdMgp = I get my Incentives with the Climate having Nimbus Dark Rain Clouds with the Breezes and Mystical Flight Journey's. Bird Brain Journey's for which Birds are my favorite creatures on Earth. Flying is a wonderful experience to me. I am afraid of heights and falling. But if flying safely. I do not fear it. Imagine flying in the Architectural Congestus Caverned and Caved Out Like Nimbus Clouds as Snow Sculptured Beauty Terrian. Life is Migrating, Journeying and Exploring. The constant flapping of Bird Wings to stay in flight or an Airliner that Volitants with such a tauting sensation of that constant going and going and going. It is Power and a Passion that is at a balance. I do not like loud Power. But there is a Quieter Softer Power and a Passion in Life. Very Subtle. The same Rythem for me would be in 'New Age' Music. I do not like the other kinds. 'New Age' Music is an Ambience for the Mood. In many ways nurturing the Mood in wonderful ways. Calming, Resting, Pensive, Invigerating and Exciting Etc...

I am a... Male - Mgp = My Name = Michael \ gp (Middle and Last Name Initals)

50 years old in the year 2005. Never Intimate with a Chick, Gal, Woman, Female or what else you call them. Always wished I did. And still hoping to find the Erotic Aesthetical ones I have wanted. Life to me is a Passion with Aesthetics and Erotica. I find it best with Nature and an Interest in Science to understand it.

I'm 5' 9" Tall and my Weight has been 180 lbs. I would like it at 150 lbs. And have some muscles. I wear glasses to see with. I'm not good at hearing.

I would like to live in a climate with Nimbus Clouds and Temperature never acceeding 85 degrees. Maybe a chance to Move to Seattle area Washington?


There is a lot more about me. I just can not think of it right now. Keep Checking back on some Blogs. Because I Edit them and Add More Information To Them.



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